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Paima Engine allows your team to reuse your Web2 programming skill sets to build the next generation of Web3 games and apps, powered by the latest innovations in Blockchain Layer-2 technology.


Tarochi: Monster Chronicle

Tarochi is a ambitious onchain RPG, where every quest, every challenge, and every monster caught becomes a part of the blockchain history. Journey through a vast, immersive land, interacting with NPCs, unlocking achievements, and unraveling quests.
Dive into this revolutionary experience on the Xai network, made seamless by Arbitrum Orbit and the powerful Paima Engine. Best of all? Embark on this adventure without the hassle of bridging, and kickstart your legend for free!

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Full control over your assets

Every monster you catch isn't just a game asset; it's a unique Stateful NFT, evolving with every in-game action. And not just monsters either - all game state is uniquely owned by you and tradeable anytime.

Free and smooth onchain experience

Start playing Tarochi right away for free without having to connect any wallet Tarochi will create a wallet for you, and at any point you can transfer your game data to your main wallet. No bridging required.

NFTs 2.0 - Stateful NFTs

NFTs in gaming today (NFTs 1.0) have a bad reputation, and for good reason; they simply aren't powerful enough on their own to build quality games that players want. Players want NFTs that feel just as alive as their characters in an MMORPG, but instead have NFTs today that are as exciting as a pet rock which never changes.Stateful NFTs are the future, and Paima Engine is the first in the space to be pioneering this brand-new technology, making it available for developers to easily build and integrate into their own games.
  • Stateful NFTs Grow With The Player

    With Stateful NFTs, the NFT can be a character, an in-game item, a piece of equipment, or in fact any piece of in-game state. This revolutionizes what is possible with NFTs, as now players can own NFTs that feel just like MMO characters which develop, find loot, and level up just as they've always wanted.

  • Players Truly Own Their Game Assets (No Hand-Waving)

    Unlike most 'Web3 Games' that don't use Paima Engine, all Stateful NFT data lives fully on-chain. This means that there is no centralized server that can be hacked, which would suddenly make the assets useless (which, unfortunately, is the standard with NFTs 1.0). With Stateful NFTs, we leave behind centralized intermediaries or bridges that can break and instead give players full control of their assets, backed by the soundness of the blockchain itself.

  • Flipping The NFT 1.0 Monetization Model

    With NFTs 1.0, the only valuable aspect of the NFT is its scarcity (due to the limits of the technology). As a result, gamers suffer because companies are incentivized to release very few in order to sell them at very high prices. Stateful NFTs flip this model, allowing companies to sell 'level 1' Stateful NFTs at low prices, enabling a large and excited community to grow in a way that naturally scales.

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Road Map

Stage: Egg Hatching

  • Launch of Paima Studios Website

  • Launch of Volcaneers NFTs

  • Paima Engine - Private Alpha MVP

  • Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble - OG Tournament

  • Launch of Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble

Stage: The Basin

  • Paima Whirlpool - Cross-chain Gameplay

  • Tarochi: Monster Chronicles Announced

  • Launch of Wrath Of The Jungle: Tower Defense

Stage: Dinizia

  • Stateful NFTs Marketplace

  • Update About Upcoming Game #4

  • Update About New Paima Engine Capabilities

Stage: The Kaieteur

  • More Info Soon

  • More Info Soon

  • More Info Soon

  • More Info Soon

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