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Monster Chronicles

An onchain RPG built by Paima Studios

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What is Tarochi

Tarochi is an ambitious onchain RPG, where every quest, every challenge, and every monster caught becomes a part of the blockchain history. Journey through a vast, immersive land, interacting with NPCs, unlocking achievements, and unraveling quests.

Dive into this revolutionary experience on the Xai network, made seamless by Arbitrum Orbit and the powerful Paima Engine. Best of all? Embark on this adventure without the hassle of bridging, and kickstart your legend for free!

Full control over your assets

Every monster you catch isn't just a game asset; it's a unique Stateful NFT, evolving with every in-game action. And not just monsters either - all game state is uniquely owned by you and tradeable anytime.

Free and smooth onchain experience

Start playing Tarochi right away for free without having to connect any wallet Tarochi will create a wallet for you, and at any point you can transfer your game data to your main wallet. No bridging required.

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Tarochi season pass

Tarochi is the first game coming out on Xai (Arbitrum) with a release date of February 16th.

With a free-to-play model, Tarochi provides an easy way for users to fall in love with the game before deciding to participate in the tokenomics.

Tarochi is a fully decentralized autonomous world, allowing not just our team, but anybody to contribute to the game world and ecosystem.

Mint has ended


Genesis Trainer collection: here

Monster Trading: here

TGold Trading: here

You can find the Genesis Trainer collection on here

The mint is over. Thank you to all who supported Tarochi early!

Free mint benefits

Address included in holder list of Tarochi (onchain)

Holding on to an NFT will allow any person or smart contract to easily reference the holder list in the future for any purposes.

Be it for Tarochi, other games in the Paima ecosystem in general, or other games deploying on Xai.

Early access to upcoming features

Tarochi will continuously receive updates from our teams.

Get access to these features ahead of time, and also be included in playtest of any future Paima game.

Unlimited supply

Free mint

Tarochi Season 1 Pass

Limited Time Soulbound NFT

Genesis Trainer Benefits

Whitelisted for limited-edition monsters

Tarochi will partner with many NFT collections and projects for limited-edition rare monsters to catch.

These monsters will be:
  • Free to catch for collection holders
  • Free to catch for Genesis Trainer holders
  • Pay to catch for other players (see tokenomics below for more info)

Loyalty Rewards

Receive a Legendary Whitelist Capture Card for every 30 days you do not sell the NFT for the first 120 days after launch

Accelerated progress

Receive in-game accelerated progress including a higher XP rate, a higher base catch chance and a higher chance of successfully fleeing among other benefits.

10k max supply

$20 mint

Tarochi Season 1 Pass

Limited Time Tradeable NFT

999 for treasury

6.9% royalty

Genesis Trainer+ Benefits

Extra Starting Tarochi Gold ($TGOLD)

For every $1 over the Genesis Trainer Benefit, you will get 2560 Tarochi Gold which can be used to purchase future limited-edition capture cards (see tokenomics for more) and is tradeable on the open market

Game-limited supply

No limit

Tarochi logo

Tarochi Tokenomics

Tarochi comes with three primary components to its tokenomics model:

  • Tarochi Monsters: tradeable as NFTs including limited-time monsters, supply-limited monsters and unlimited supply free-to-play monsters
  • Tarochi Gold: an in-game currency earned through competing against other players globally
  • Paima ecosystem token: a token that will power the Paima ecosystem across games (whitepaper pending)

Tarochi Monsters

Every wild area in Tarochi contains monsters that you can battle for experience points or to capture. Monsters come in a variety of rarity:

  • Common and Uncommon: unlimited supply (for F2P players)
  • Rare, Epic, Legendary: global daily supply limit between players
  • Limited Edition: can only be caught during a limited-time campaign

This mix means there are always monsters for you to fight no matter when you login, and there is always a chance for free-to-play players to catch rare monsters.

Notably, respawn rates are as follows:

  • Rare: every hour
  • Epic: every 4hrs
  • Legendary: every 17hrs

The basic capture card is always free to purchase at the store, but has a chance at failing to capture a monster. To overcome this, there are whitelist cards that you can purchase with Tarochi Gold:

  • Common & Uncommon Whitelist Cards: similar to the standard capture card, but are guaranteed to capture the monster
  • Rare+ Whitelist Cards: allow you to encounter monsters for the corresponding type (ex: epic monsters) even if the supply for that day has expired, and are guaranteed success if used
  • Limited Edition Whitelist Cards: for promotional campaigns, users who qualify earn a whitelist card to capture the limited-edition monster for free (ex: holders of the underlying NFT project we are collaborating with). Additionally, season pass holders are also whitelisted. Others can purchase a whitelist card from the store

The planned cost for these whitelist cards are:

  • Common: 50 Tarochi Gold
  • Uncommon: 100 Tarochi Gold
  • Rare: 1,100 Tarochi Gold
  • Epic: 4,500 Tarochi Gold
  • Legendary: 19,200 Tarochi Gold

With the exception of Limited Edition monsters, each monster has a soft-cap on its level based on its rarity. Once the monster reaches the soft-cap level, it can only be leveled up by fusing copies of the same monster into it. This means even monsters you already own are still valuable, and acts as a deflationary pressure on the new limited supply monsters that appear daily.

You can read more about monster trading in the wiki

Tarochi Gold

Tarochi features Tarochi Gold (TGold) as the onchain currency for the world. Tarochi Gold is earned from competitive actions like participating in Arena battles against other players. Tarochi gold has a limited yet growing supply, and allows players to purchase whitelist cards to have a significant edge in capturing rare monsters. This IS meant to have financial value on the open market as it has a limited growth in supply and will trade starting with Arbitrum One. The initial supply of TGold will come purely from this pre-order + $3770 worth of TGold given to the top players of Jungle Wars: Tower Defense.

Notably, the primary way to earn Tarochi Gold is to participate in Arena battles. Arena battles are a type of PVP where users do not all have to online at the same time. Instead, there are multiple arena matches going on in parallel continuously, and the champion of the arena at any given point earns Tarochi Gold (with participants who are not champions earning Tarochi Silver instead). To semi-active play, the arena is reset every 24hrs. When you battle a player in the arena, you are battles against an AI that controls their monsters, allowing multiple battles against the reigning champion to happen in parallel. The player with the highest score (defined by how well you did) by the end of the rotation becomes the new champion for that slot. Think of it like a fast-paced best player wins tournament. Our goal is to encourage a social fabric such as guilds working together and pooling rewards or players renting out monsters in exchange for a cut of any arena rewards.

The sum of all daily Arena rewards is 38,400 Tarochi Gold - the cost of 2 legendary whitelist capture card, but is subject to balancing.

If you prefer to battle players directly, you can also send PVP requests to real players (either without stakes, or by betting Tarochi Gold that you will win).

You can read more about TGold in the wiki


Tarochi features the ability to create guilds for 2000 TGold. Guilds have access to guild game modes like tournament battles that comes with TGold rewards for the winners.

Guilds come with initial limitations (ex: limited number of members and monster slots), but upgrades can be purchased after leveling up. Three key resources play a role in this:

  • XP: tax guild members so part of their XP goes towards leveling up the guild.
  • TGold: pay for upgrades once you reach the required level.
  • Rare+ monsters: increase your guild's max lvl by sacrificing them.

Additionally, Genesis Trainers play a critical role in empowering guilds, as trainers held by guild members upgrade the guild's Guild Genesis Trainers (GGT) based on rarity. GGT increases the rewards your guild gets from winning guild game modes and helps increase notoriety of your guild by making your guild more visible in-game through icons, banners and more.

You can read more about guilds in the wiki

Paima Ecosystem Token

Tarochi is built using Paima Engine a framework to build decentralized autonomous worlds. Paima Studios has created multiple games using the engine, Tarochi being our 5th game deployed to mainnet.

Our team not only plans to continue working on Tarochi and future titles, but also plans to build out the Paima Engine ecosystem where the Paima Ecosystem Token will play a key role in operating any shared infrastructure (sequencers, data availability, storage, etc.), and will also be used to encourage player and developer engagement in the ecosystem and the operation of the Paima Builder DAO.

You can read more about Paima Engine here, with a full whitepaper on the Paima Ecosystem token coming soon.

Tarochi logo

Genesis Trainer Collection

Pre-ordering for the Genesis Trainer tier gives you a Genesis Trainer NFT which will sent to your wallet once the pre-order is complete and provides multiple benefits including whitelist slots for limited-edition monsters, loyalty rewards and accelerated progress in-game (see Tarochi season pass section above for more information).

Collection layout

Genesis Trainers are capped at a 10,000 supply limit. Every purchase of the Genesis Trainer tier will get you an additional NFT once the pre-order is complete.

Tarochi is based on Tarot Cards, and so each card has the following traits:

  • Trainer: one of 48 possible trainers featured on the card
  • Suit: the trainer will be colored red, blue, yellow, green of grey. These are based on the 4 Minor Arcana of tarot cards. Based on Tarochi lore, monster types are based on the color associated with the element of each minor arcana. Notably, Wands (Fire) are red, Cups (Water) are blue, Swords (Air) are yellow, Pentacles (Earth) are green and skeptics who don't believe in tarot cards are grey.
  • Frame: every card is placed inside a frame representing rarity (the same frames used for monster rarity in-game. Learn more about monster rarity in the Tarochi Tokenomics section). Red is common, purple is uncommon, blue is rare, green is epic and yellow is legendary.
  • Rank: each card has a rank from 1 to 10, following by page, knight, queen, king forming 14 possibilities (note: this is different than the 13 in standard 52-card decks)

For every increase in rarity of the frame, one rank is removed per trainer. (ex: for the golden frame, there will only be one rank 3 for a given trainer). To round it down to 10,000 NFTs, 80 red frame cards will be removed at random

This gives the following distribution:

FrameCard count
Red Frame3280 Cards
Purple Frame2688 Cards
Blue Frame2016 Cards
Green Frame1344 Cards
Yellow Frame672 Cards

The visual rarity of these cards does not impact gameplay (at least initially) and all cards regardless of rarity receive the Genesis Trainer perks


Tarochi is already a complete game in its current form, but we a lot planned to continue growing the autonomous world of Tarochi. Unlike other games, Tarochi is fully decentralized and anybody can build tools on top of the Tarochi world or propose changes to the game rule. It is up to users of the game to decide the canonical game rules, and different sets of game rules will share the global Genesis Trainer NFT collection as well as possibly monsters and other assets like Tarochi Gold. Our goal at Paima Studios will be to foster a community around the development of this world and help increase the connectedness and liquidity of the assets of these worlds with the rest of the crypto ecosystem.

Our team has spent a lot of time making the modifications and deployment of the base game as easy as possible, and will be releasing all the code for the game state machine, game node API and all other software for Tarochi. This will enable anybody to easily create new clients with different UIs and features, new tools like explorers to visualize the game world, propose changes to the game rules and more. Importantly, it means unlike web2 games, the autonomous world of Tarochi can live on forever as all the data for its reconstructions lives onchain, and anybody can self-host the game locally making the MMO still playable as long as a single fan exists. You can learn more about the technology that power this here.

Marketplace for Tarochi Monsters

Interoperability with L1 & L2s

Expansion of the world


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