Paima Studios

The Future Of Web3 Gaming, Packed In A Single Engine

Build bleeding-edge Web3 games and apps using your team's existing Web2 skill set, without the complexities of blockchain.

01. Overview

Code Web2, Output Web3

Paima Engine is the only blockchain gaming engine that enables developers to reuse their Web2 programming skill sets to build fully trustless Web3 games (or apps). Devs can apply their years of knowledge in JavaScript, relational databases, and all parts of the classic Web2 stack with Paima Engine, while fully taking advantage of the bleeding edge in Layer-2 blockchain technology.

Deploy Once, Target Every Chain

Through a novel piece of technology called Paima Whirlpool, users from any blockchain ecosystem can use their favorite wallets to play your Paima Engine-based Web3 games! No longer are you locked into a single ecosystem; simply deploy on the chain you prefer and still target every single user in the entire crypto space.

02. Key Features

  • Templates: Game MVP In Days
  • NFTs 2.0: Stateful NFTs
  • Paima Whirlpool: Cross-Chain Play
  • Decentralized Layer-2 Technology

Templates: Game MVP In Days

Classical blockchain game development is extremely time-consuming, often taking months, if not years, just to ship a barebones MVP. In the world of Web3 game development, this is unacceptable, as it limits building games to projects that over-hype themselves just to raise enough funding to get started.

We at Paima Studios truly believe that Web3 gaming is the future, and as such, we consider it a key goal to enable competent teams to ship MVPs in days, not months or years. Paima Game Templates specifically address this issue by allowing experienced developers to create all of the foundational (thus time-consuming/potentially complex) logic and structure for a category of games, which anyone can then reuse to build off of quickly.

Why redo the work from scratch when others in the Paima ecosystem have already put in the time and effort up-front? Paima Game Templates allow bootstrapping a new project in minutes, yet offer the full freedom to expand or change anything to meet the exact requirements of your project.

03. Architecture

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WebserverGame State DBGame State MachineChain FunnelPAIMA ENGINE RUNTIMEGAME NODEGAME FRONTENDWEBMiddlewareRoundExecutorWeb3WalletSmartContractBLOCKCHAIN / MIDDLEWARE

04. Launched Games

  • Wrath Of The Jungle: Tower Defense
  • Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Chess
  • Stateful NFT Auto Battler
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Wrath Of The Jungle: Tower Defense

Experience the strategic thrill of Web3 PvP Tower Defense in Paima Studio's upcoming game. Will you fight with the animals of the jungle to defend their homes, or join the undead and summon crypts to overpower them? A classic game genre, now expanded into the world of Web3 gaming thanks to Paima Engine.

05. Start Building

Writing A Game With Paima Engine

Learn The Basics Of Paima Engine

Jump-start your knowledge by learning about the basics of what it takes to build a game with Paima Engine. In the video below, the creator of the Engine will take you through an example project and lay out all of the essential parts in an easy-to-follow fashion. All you need is some previous experience with JS/TS, along with an open mind, and you'll start your journey into understanding the future of Web3 gaming.

Paima Engine In Practice

Once you've grasped the basics, why not take a look at what Paima Engine has been used for in practice? With bleeding-edge technology, new releases and use cases are constantly emerging, providing both players and developers with an exciting environment and ecosystem to be a part of. In the video below, we showcase some of the first games, examples, and templates to give you a taste of where things stand today.

Get In Touch With Our Team To Start Building Your Web3 Game

Build Your Own Game

Paima Engine is already used in production for Paima Studio games, but it is in constant development to become truly ready, from both an implementation and documentation perspective, for developers to use themselves.

We are excited to offer early access to Paima Engine for high-quality teams with a solid track record who wish to join us in building the future of Web3 Gaming.

07. Contact Us


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Join the Community

Join the Paima Ecosystem and take part in building the future of Web3 gaming with us! Our discord is the best place to ask questions about Paima Engine and to take part in the community.

Build Games With Paima Engine

Interested in becoming one of the first companies to build Web3 games using Paima Engine? We're always open to providing early access to teams who are extremely dedicated, have a solid track record, and are ready to build the future of Web3.