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Paima Engine is the only blockchain gaming engine that enables developers to reuse their Web2 programming skill sets to build fully trustless Web3 games (or apps). Devs can apply their years of knowledge in JavaScript, relational databases, and all parts of the classic Web2 stack with Paima Engine, while fully taking advantage of the bleeding edge in Layer-2 blockchain technology.

Unity Frontend

Wrath of the Jungle: Tower Defense uses Unity for its frontend, taking advantage of industry-standard game development tooling. Paima Engine allows developers to use the stacks that they are familiar with to get the most out of their time, and focus strictly on their job: making great games.

Full On-Chain Integration

Games built with Paima Engine, like Wrath of The Jungle: Tower Defense, are full-fledged Web3 games that live on-chain. Every game input a user submits is posted and lives forever in history, allowing for deep blockchain integration and new features like Stateful NFTs!

Paima Game Node

The backend for games built with Paima Engine are in fact 'Game Nodes' just like a 'Blockchain Node' which you may be more familiar with. In other words, by simply running the game node you can always pick up and play the game again, whether today, or in a decade!

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Wrath of the Jungle: Tower Defense

Wrath of the Jungle: Tower Defense is a fast-paced game where players choose to play as either attackers or defenders. As an attacker, players lead hordes of enemy creatures through the jungle to destroy the defender's base, while defenders use a variety of towers to fend off attackers.

With several maps to choose from, players can upgrade their towers and gain new abilities to maximize their defensive capabilities. The game offers a thrilling gaming experience for both aggresive attackers and valiant defenders.

Powered by Paima Engine

NFT 2.0 - Stateful NFTs

Paima Whirpool: Cross-Chain Play

Game Leaderboards

On-Chain Record


Defend the peace of the Jungle

In tower defense games, the game goal as defender is to strategically place defensive structures to prevent enemy attackers from reaching the player's base. It requires strategic planning, resource management, and quick thinking to succeed.

Anaconda Tower

Anaconda Tower

Piranha Tower

Piranha Tower

Sloth Tower

Sloth Tower

Anaconda Tower

The Anaconda Tower is a powerful defensive structure which is a bit slow, but hits hard! Every undead unit spawned from the depths, no matter how strong they may be, always fears the bite of the Anaconda. Anaconda's can manage to take out Gorillas in a single bite, making any enemy unit quiver as it runs by. Though ferocious, anaconda towers can be seen as glass towers. They pack a punch, but a well placed Macaw Crypt can ruin its day by destroying it in mere seconds!


Enjoy the thrill of proving that you are the best in competitive PvP games? Get to the top of the Wrath of the Jungle: Tower Defense Leaderboards with your Volcaneer Stateful NFTs! Players who do well will get rewards in upcoming Paima Studios games!

Paima Primitive: Stateful NFTs!

NFTs in gaming have had a bad reputation because they lacked power to create compelling games. Players desire NFTs that evolve with them, gaining experience, equipment, and developing over time. Paima Engine introduces Stateful NFTs, unlocking a new era of Web3 games.

For Wrath of the Jungle: Tower Defense, the Volcaneers are the first Stateful NFT available which track your in-game record. Prove you're the best by rising to the top of the Stateful NFT leaderboard, and you'll lock yourself in for receiving rewards in upcoming Paima Studios games!


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